Where Have I Been??

Hey there.

I’m sorry I haven’t been on your screens for a while guys. In all honesty, time has just flown by (I feel like I say this at some point almost every single month). I mean seriously, I have no idea how it’s almost September already?! More importantly, how is the Bank Holiday over already?!

Bank holiday weekend!

Where’ve I Been?

I looked over by blog earlier this week and realised that the only blog posts published this month were recipes that I wrote and scheduled out back in July. I’ve actually written nothing new this month. I’ve worked on several draft outlines but I’ve not been able to finish anything – I’ve been so indecisive. My lack of posting (and general interaction with you guys) has shown on my stats – they’ve been seriously bad this month! I’ve been struggling with motivation and there’s nothing worse than staring at a blank screen, or even a half written post. It’s kinda demoralising and you start doubting yourself as a blogger.

So, I chose to ignore the blog for a week…well I thought it was a week…turned out to be the best part of a month. It was a conscious decision not to work on Brighteyed and Bewildered for a little while for two reasons. Firstly, to give my blogging brain a bit of a break; trying to finish off my draft posts clearly wasn’t going to work. Secondly, to give myself a bit of down time. One thing people don’t realise about blogging is that it’s pretty much a lifestyle choice. Now I know that sounds crazy but it really is. I’m constantly looking for inspiration, scheduling social media posts, reading and commenting on other people’s blogs, writing and editing posts, don’t even get me started on photos! So having time to chill out in an evening, watch a film, even go to a pub quiz has been awesome.

Finally, I’ve been focusing a lot on my new project which I can tell you a bit more about now! Yay!

Flourishing Freelancer

Flourishing Freelancer

So, you probably know that I’ve been blogging for a little while now. What you probably don’t know is how tough I’ve found it! There’s so much to learn from building your blog and creating content to choosing the right plugins and deciding on the best ways to monetise your blog.

The more I researched into building a better blog and growing my following, the more I realised how much the “background stuff” interested me so I started reading and researching more and more out of interest.

The main thing I found when I was doing that research was just how much information is out there. And, rather frustratingly, how conflicting and confusing it all is. So, I decided to help people like me and create a little bit of the internet where you can find information and advice on building and growing your own blog. And that’s where Flourishing Freelancer comes in. It’s about having a community of creative minds, writers, bloggers and generally awesome people. It’s about giving readers a place to find answers to their blogging questions.

You might have also guessed from the title of the blog that freelancing will feature heavily too. It’s something I’m just starting out on and, similarly to blogging, there’s a whole world of confusing information out there. I figured that the best way to help people starting out as a freelance writer is to document my journey.

The Flourishing Freelancer site will consist of a blog, free downloads (such as plans and worksheets to help you out) and, eventually, some webinars and the Flourishing Freelancer Course. 

The site isn’t live just yet so don’t get too excited and start looking for it! I’ve got a week booked off in early September which I’m hoping will give me time to tidy up the basics and get the site launched.

So What’s Next?

I feel a bit rubbish for having neglected this blog for so long. On the plus side, I have lots of works in progress which, once I have my motivation back, will be easy to turn into new and exciting posts. It might be that I just leave it til my week off in September. I’ll see how I feel after work tomorrow!

This weekend I’ve been working on my super geeky schedule which covers this blog…I have a separate one for the new project…so hopefully be back on track shortly. 

For now, I’m going to end my bank holiday Monday by watching old episodes of Sherlock Holmes in bed (the BBC ones with Benedict Cumberbatch in), eating cheese on toast.

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