We’re on the move!

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OurĀ frantic weekend of dashing around London looking at flats has paid off and we now have somewhere to live. We have two weeks to sort ourselves out, pack up our belongings and move to London. I’m super excited but also quite worried about getting everything together and arranging transport to actually get our stuff from Manchester to London.

We’re downsizing in the move so we’re having to decide what’s really important and will be moving with us and what is going to be boxed up and stored at my mum’s house (thanks Fran!) but this weekend I had a bit of a clear out and threw out/donated four bags of rubbish and stuff I no longer need – it felt great! I love a good spring clean and moving house is the perfect opportunity for a great clear out. There’s something about throwing out old stuff that really clears your mind and gives you a great sense of achievement.

Packing our belongings up into boxes makes the move feel so real! I’m going to miss Manchester but the excitement of the new beginning is really starting to build. I’m excited about the opportunities ahead of me, of more charity work and of launching my new business. It’s really quite sad but I’m also looking forward to having an excuse to buy new bedding and setting up a new “office” space (which means lots of fancy new stationary!!!!)

The next couple of weeks are set to be pretty manic with packing etc. but Sean and myself have also decided that there’s lots of things to do in Manchester that we’ve still never done and few things that we’d like to do again before we leave so we’re going to try and cram those things in over the next few weeks too (and you can expect some blogs about those things).

We started off by going to Solita for dinner last night because you simply CANNOT beat their burgers and sweet potato fries. I had the bacon double cheese burger which is topped with candied bacon and is absolutely amazing!


We haven’t decided what’s next of the list of things to do/places to eat but I’m headed for the Coors Ice Bar tomorrow night after work and I really want to go on the Manchester Wheel this weekend.

If any of you guys live in Manchester and have any recommendations of things we should do before we move to London, please let me know.

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    1. Yes! Have you guys been to the Museum of Science and Industry lately? That’s on my list. Also, there’s a really cute tea shop/cafe next to the cathedral if you fancy something that involves sitting down! xxx

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