Wedding Planning: Take Two

Last March me and Sean had just booked a trip to Tanzania. We were going away for almost three weeks – a four day safari in the Serengeti, a seven day Kilimanjaro climb and a week lounging around on the beach in Zanzibar.

Wedding day

One Sunday afternoon I was looking at things we could do in Zanzibar and came across a couple of hotels that organised boat trips, snorkelling, day trips etc. So I did some research into those hotels and read some reviews. Quite a few of those reviews started with “The hotel hosted our whole wedding party for a week…”, “We got married at this hotel earlier this year…” or “We can’t say thank you enough for our amazing wedding…” Sean was in the kitchen doing the washing up and, without looking up from my laptop, I shouted to him “Shall we get married whilst we’re in Zanzibar?” “Yep, why not” was his response.

A couple of days, six emails, three ASOS orders and two returns later and our wedding was booked and I had a wedding dress! In April I picked out my engagement and wedding rings and that was it, we were all sorted. Possibly the least stressful wedding planning ever. Sean then made me wait until September until he officially proposed to me so for five months there was a beautiful sparkling ring in our bedside cabinet that I couldn’t wear (although I wore it around the flat when Sean wasn’t in but ssshhhhhh, that’s a secret.) Every time we went anywhere or did anything special I thought “This is it…” but it never was. Until one rainy morning when we were out walking near my mum’s house in our new walking boots ready for Kili, he got down on one knee in the mud and I, of course, said yes.

Celebrating the engagement

We decided to keep the wedding quiet but the engagement was announced. Originally, we agreed to tell no one about the wedding but that didn’t last long as I was far too excited so I told a couple of friends and my mum and sister.

Anyway, we got married on the 18th October on a sandbank in the Indian Ocean, just off the beautiful Island of Zanzibar. The wedding planning company (Zanzibar Weddings) and our photographer (Aisha Gothey) were absolutely amazing and our day would not have been as brilliant and magical as it was without them. We had no guests, our wedding planner and photographer were our witnesses and it was just perfect! We told our close family and friends by phone the next day and then we told everyone else on Facebook.

Our wedding day

Although our day was amazing, we did miss our family and friends and decided that we should have a party at home. Having spent pretty much all of our money on the trip of a lifetime, we couldn’t afford to do it straight away. Of course it was then Christmas which is followed by the dark, cold months we now find ourselves in. We thought we’d maybe go for a spring party but then we found out just how expensive it is to have a wedding reception in the spring or summer. If this was to be our “real” wedding, we wouldn’t mind so much but we’re essentially just having a party. That left us with Autumn so we decided we might as well just go for our Anniversary in October. It made sense to us to share the excitement (and shock) of making it to a whole year as a married couple with the people we love the most.

Plans are now well under way and we have a beautiful venue already booked. I’m planning on making a lot of the decorations and stationary myself so keep an eye out for my blog updates for more details (they’ll all be under the “crafts” tab)

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