Sublime Sundays

Sublime Sundays

Hey guys,

Just a really short Sublime Sunday post this week. I’m currently sat on my hotel bed after a really long, post-half marathon bath! Yes, that’s right, I actually completed it!

Not only did I get around the entire course but I did it in a time of 2.37 which is insane. I’ve only ever done one other half marathon (I’ve done varying other distances but not another 13.1) which was three years ago. I was training back then and completed it in 2.29. So clearly my new tactic should be not to train for these things! 

It was a fairly emotional day in all honesty. I’ve not been feeling myself lately and last week, I’d decided that I didn’t feel up to running. I was going to come to Manchester for the weekend anyway but on Friday night, a few good friends sent me good luck messages and basically changed my mind. And I’m glad they did!

I was super anxious this morning but as soon as I reached Old Trafford and felt the buzz of the other runners it subsided a little. Then the rain came and I just thought, F**k it, this is probably the worst it’s going to get today and I can deal with that! I managed to run constantly through to about the 11 mile marker and then had to walk a little which was annoying but given my lack of training, I’m okay with!

Last night and this morning, I was overwhelmed with messages of support – family, friends, colleagues, other bloggers I only know online! I even got a phone call at the 15km point with a mini pep talk to keep me going! As soon as I crossed the line (and I mean literally the second I stepped over it) I rang my mum to tell her, then I cried, collected my goody bag and sat down on the floor. When I eventually pulled myself together (maybe 30 seconds later!!) I tried to get up off the floor which was a struggle so big shout out to the random guy who helped me get up! Then I headed back to the hotel for a long bath.

We’re heading out to my favourite Manchester restaurant, Australasia, for a celebratory dinner later tonight, but for now, it’s time for a glass of wine or two!

Also, just before I sign off, a massive well done to my friend Mia who ran today in an amazing sub 2.30 time and thank you so much for your words of encouragement all weekend. Love you!

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