Sublime Sundays – Update on Blogtober

Sublime Sundays

Wow this week has been crazy!

I know I gave you a quick insight into the week in my Friday Thoughts but I wanted to do this week’s Sublime Sundays post all about #blogtober so far.

As of Saturday morning (which is when I actually wrote this post), I’d spent 9.9 hours on this blog and 20.3 hours on Flourishing Freelancer. That’s over 30 hours of blogging in 7 days which is crazy when you think I’m out of the house and at work for about 10 hours each day. Anyway, I don’t want to sound like I’m complaining about it. For a start, it was my decision to challenge myself to blog every day!

It’s been a real challenge to be honest. I know I bang on about this a lot but I find it pretty tough to stay motivated and focused so I’m super proud of myself for not letting the ball drop. It’s all come down to planning and sticking to my schedule

Daily Schedule 

This week, my days have gone a little like this:

  • Checking and replying to emails before work, on lunch and as soon as I get home
  • Checking Twitter and Facebook and replying to comments etc. on lunch
  • Twitter chats every evening for 1-2 hours
  • Drafting new posts every evening – including research, writing, editing and taking/editing photos for each post
  • Choosing post topics and pencilling in a new post for each day for the week ahead
  • Planning and scheduling social media updates for the week ahead
  • I’ve been drinking a whole load of coffee too…mainly to keep me going to around 11.30 pm when I finally decide to call it a day

Morning PersonPlanning Blog Posts

For me, the most logical thing to do to be able to generate new posts everyday throughout October, was to focus on one “theme” each week. This week was productivity and motivation, I’m thinking that next week will be a mixture of some mental health posts and some travel type posts. I have ten (yes ten!) draft posts from different trips I’ve been on over the last year or so that I’ve never written. So now seems like the best time to finally get those posts finished, edited and published.

Then for the week after I’m thinking of doing some fitness type posts, maybe with a few more of my travel posts if I get them all finished! We can all dream right??

And the Results? 

The hard work is starting to show already, even after just one week. This blog is getting an average of 15 views per day which is amazing considering the lack of time and effort that’s gone into it recently. Flourishing Freelancer is up to 109 views so far this month and I’ve had 13 comments on various posts which is amazing. It’s a fantastic feeling knowing that people are actually reading what I’m putting out there.

If you’ve missed any of #blogtober posts so far, here they are:

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Friday Thoughts

Tomato and White Bean Soup

And just because this seems like a great time to plug my other blog, here’s my #blogtober posts from Flourishing Freelancer:

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I hope you’ve enjoyed my new posts so far, there’ll be plenty more to come through the rest of October (and hopefully after that too!)

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