Sublime Sundays: Taking Control

Sublime SundaysI’ve already done one post today so I’ll keep this one short and sweet. You might have guessed from the title of the post, that this one is about taking control

I’ve had a fairly lazy weekend but it’s been majorly productive too. How can it be both you might ask? Well it’s been lazy in the sense that I’ve mainly been in bed or on the sofa. Why more productive than usual? Because I’ve decided to take control again.

Recently I’ve been frustrated with a lot of things – not losing weight, not writing enough, not getting the traffic I want on the blog and generally just being a bit grumpy most of the time. 

But all of those things that are frustrating me are within my own control. And this weekend I’ve decided to do something about it. Simple really.

An awesome chat with an amazing, well-grounded lady on my lunch break followed by a challenging boot camp on Thursday gave me the kick up the ass that I needed.

I now have a whole month’s worth of blog posts drafted, edited and scheduled. Yesterday I cancelled my gym membership and signed up for boot camp instead because I know I need someone to push me – I just won’t do it myself. I’ve reworked the schedules for both this blog and my new one (that’s not launched yet) so hopefully I’ll be more productive with that. I’ve also signed up to a couple of courses with Inner Space in Covent Garden next week so I’m looking forward to those.

Anyway, that’s it from me for this Sunday – I’m busy crying my way through The Fundamentals of Caring. If you haven’t seen it yet, it”s a Netflix Original and it’s amazing – watch it immediately! 

Actually, one more thing – don’t worry if you are struggling, that’s OK too. It’s taken me a long time to get here. A few weeks ago my friend sent me this and it’s just perfect.

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