Sublime Sundays Part One – Save the Dates

Last week in “What do Sundays mean to you” I said I was going to do more craft based things on Sundays. This week I’ve cheated a little as I didn’t make these today but thought I’d share with you anyway.

As our wedding reception is actually going to be 12 months after the big day, we decided to send Save the Dates as soon as possible whilst the wedding was still fresh in peoples’ minds.

Gorgeous personalised Save the Date stamp

I made these Save the Dates myself (with a little help from Sean) using the following:

Stamps for our save the dates

  • Kraft Cards and Envelopes (Hobbycraft)
  • “With Love” stamp (Amazon)
  • Personalised Save the Date Stamp (Find it here at Etsy)
  • East of India Stickers (Amazon)
  • Black and pink ink (Amazon and Hobbycraft)
  • Paper, computer and printer

Whilst at my mum’s house one weekend, I came up with a poem for our Save the Date cards which I decided would be the message we put inside the cards. Making the Save the Date cards were easy then. We picked a font for the poem, typed it up, printed it out and stuck it inside the cards.

The poem I created for our save the dates

We used the custom made stamp from Etsy on the front of the cards (that was Sean’s job!) and I added a few finishing touches by putting a little sticker on the back of the cards and a “With Love” stamp on the envelopes where they are sealed. And that was it. it was that easy (and cheap) and I’m really pleased with the results.

Personalised envelopes for the save the dates

I’ve made a start on the invites but now that people have the Save the Date cards, there’s no pressure to get them out. I’m sticking with the same theme of the brown Kraft card and the East of India stickers. I think I’ll probably use the “With Love” stamp on the envelopes too as, although it’s quite time consuming, I think it’s a really nice touch.

Keep an eye out for more craft inspired blogging over the next few weeks in my “Sublime Sundays” entries.

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