Sublime Sundays Part Four – Bright-eyed and not so Bewildered

Today has been very productive. It’s been a fairly manic day and my mind is overflowing with inspiration and ideas. I don’t want to give too much at this moment in time so I’m going to keep this post fairly brief but I have an exciting few months/year ahead of me!

I started today by doing exactly what I told you guys not to do in my first Sublime Sundays post and went to work but I set a time limit on myself and arranged to meet my husband at 2.30 in the pub so that I didn’t end up working too much. Over beers we discussed our plans of moving to London and our ultimate plans of, one day, packing everything up and going travelling. Talking about the amazing places we want to visit is something we do a lot but this afternoon there was a new optimism in our plans. We both know it’s years away but, for some reason, today it seemed like we were actually starting to put some sort of plan in place.

Sean enjoying his beers

It was also this afternoon that I told Sean my dreams of setting up my own business. I’ve recently been doing lots of extra studying in my spare time and I am currently enrolled in a couple of courses where I’m learning about starting your own business, marketing and accounts for businesses. Yesterday I realised that, although it will take a lot of work, starting my own business is actually something that I can achieve. Having the support of Sean means the world to me and I was so happy that he was excited about my plans too (he’s really quite grumpy so it takes a lot to make him smile or approve any ideas I have!!)

I feel like, for the first time in a while, that I have a realistic goal that I actually cannot wait to start working towards. I’m definitely bright-eyed today and, to some extent, less bewildered than I usually am. Now my mind is racing with ideas and I need to take a trip to Paperchase to make sure I have enough cute folders, post-it notes and coloured pens to get all of my ideas down.

Like I said, I don’t want to give too much away at this stage and it’s likely to take a long time to put my ideas into motion. I really need to focus on the new job search and move to London which is creeping ever closer but I’m really, really excited and can’t wait to share some of my ideas with you soon!

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