Sublime Sundays Part Five – Wedding Invites

I’ve been waiting for weeks to do this post – I’ve been working on the wedding invites for months but I finally finished them all and get them posted out to guests this week. I didn’t want to post about them until guests had received them and had chance to marvel at how amazing they are! I have to say I’m quite proud of my work! You’ve probably noticed that I’d been using the term “I” rather than “we” – that’s because Sean’s role in this has been purely supervisory.

Wedding invites
The main invite doesn’t actually have strange blank spaces – I’ve blocked some of the details out for privacy reasons

I did a lot a research into various styles of invitations before choosing the ones I wanted to make. I loved the pocketfold invites and after some more research, realised that they are actually really easy to make. I ordered the main Kraft invites from Amazon which came in a “flat pack” style packaging which just required folding and sticking to make the actual pocket.

The next choice was the style of paper to use within the invites. This was an easy decision as I just used the same paper I had used in the Save the Dates. I love the simplicity of the brown Kraft Card and the cream/beige paper.

The second choice was the wording of the main invite which I just kept simple – Date, Location and details of our Website which has the full details of the reception on it such as time, parking, accommodation etc.

Next was the fun part – designing the inserts and adding the smaller details.

I love this ribbon!

As a lot of the information is on the website, I tried to limit the additional information in the invite itself. I decided on “Gifts”, “Dress Code”, “RSVP”, “Accommodation” and “Extras” (which included information about alcohol, children etc.) I tied all of the inserts together with this beautiful “To Have and to Hold” ribbon by East of India.

I decided to have a bit of fun with the RSVPs and took inspiration from Mad Libs– I’m hoping to get some entertaining responses that we can somehow display at the reception *fingers crossed*


The outside of the invites were quite plain do I added a stamp just on the inside (also by East of India) and some Mr and Mrs tape on the outside.

Wedding invites

As much as I loved making these invites, it’s quite a relief that they’re done and one more thing is crossed off the list. Next up is starting on the venue decorations so there will be posts coming up soon with details of how I’m getting on with those.

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