Sublime Sundays Part Eight: A Weekend With Friends

A Weekend of Food, Drink andFriends

I took my own advice this weekend and, following my 2016 goals, made this weekend about spending time with friends.

On Saturday I went up to Manchester to see an old work colleague, Sam, (actually my old manager) for lunch. I took the slow train so that I had plenty of time to do some writing – I also saved myself £50 which was an added bonus. It’s strange to think that I left Manchester almost a year ago, it felt like I’d never been away. Walking from the station to meet Sam just felt like my old route to work.

I ended Dry January with two glasses of Prosecco over a delicious lunch at Cicchetti. A couple of Sam’s friends were there too which was really nice; it’s always good to meet new people! I only had a couple of hours in Manchester before it was time to jump back on the slow train back to London but those few hours were wonderful.

The journey home was very productive. I hadn’t planned on doing any writing but about 45 minutes into the journey, I started to feel very anxious so I stuck my headphones in, hit play on my Ghanaian playlist (a failsafe way of cheering myself up) and got my laptop out. In just under 2 hours I managed to write another 2,000 words in my draft eBook. I read somewhere that the best way to write long pieces of work is to speed type – you just type everything that comes into your mind without stopping to correct typos or re-order sentences. It really helps with the flow of creativity and you can go back over it later to organise paragraphs and rephrase things if you need to. It worked really well for me so hopefully the book will be ready much quicker than I had planned. Watch this space!

Today has been all about catching up with my bestest friend. We met a few years ago in Ghana and bonded straight away. We don’t get to see each other anywhere near as much as we should but, when we do, it’s amazing.

We met for lunch in Guildford which, in itself, was nice as I used to live there and haven’t been back for a long time. It was really good to catch up, gossip, bitch, eat and drink (with no judgment). Time went far too quickly though. The great thing is that we’ve both realised it’s really easy to meet in Guildford so hopefully we’ll be seeing a lot more of each other. Zoe also got me some flowers and I had made her a wedding planner as she’s just got engaged (congrats again my love!) – surprise gifts are the best!

I headed home for an afternoon of more writing and some boring housework – I hate being an adult sometimes. The weather is really miserable outside so it’s looking like an early night snuggled under the duvet with our usual Sunday night horror movie (we’re currently considering Deliver Us From Evil).

I can’t believe how quickly the weekend has gone but I’ve loved seeing friends; it’s definitely something I need to do more of this year.

But for now it’s back to Monday and trying to make the best of the week again!

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