Sublime Sundays – A Night Out and a Productive Day

Sublime SundaysThis weekend has been B.E.A.UTIFUL!

As you will have gathered from my Friday Thought’s post I headed to Portsmouth straight after work on Friday for a long overdue night out with my best friend. And it did not disappoint. Too much Prosecco was drunk and lot of really bad dancing was done. Not only was it the first night out we’ve had in ages but it was also the first time I’ve been out in Portsmouth since I graduated 6 years ago! 

besties-1So that got me thinking about what I’ve achieved since I graduated. I’m usually really harsh on myself as I don’t feel like I’ve achieved anywhere near as much as I should have. But on the train home, suffering with the worst hangover I’ve had as an adult, I tried to cheer myself up by thinking of awesome things I’ve done since I graduated. My list boiled down to these few things:

  1. Completed the LPC, got a Training Contract and qualified as a Solicitor
  2. I’ve completed 2 half marathons, a full marathon and numerous obstacles courses including Rat Race dirty weekend…twice!
  3. I’ve spent three summers in Ghana working with the wonderful Raising Hope Foundation and the gorgeous kiddies in Santrokofi
  4. Launched two blogs (this one and Flourishing Freelancer)
  5. Completed the Three Peaks Challenge
  6. Climbed Kilimanjaro
  7. I’ve travelled quite a bit – Greece, Turkey, Ghana, Tanzania, Zanzibar, Belgium, Australia, Switzerland, and Denmark
  8. I’ve moved from Portsmouth to Guildford to Manchester to London

So, despite the crippling hangover I managed to cheer myself up a little bit. It also made me feel quite positive about things moving forward.

Today started out quite slowly as I was still exhausted from yesterday (clearly I’m too old to drink now)! But this afternoon has been super productive. I’ve got four blog posts drafted and cleared some of my million unread emails.

Right now I’m sat in bed with a Nandos watching Brooklyn 99…life doesn’t get better than this.

Hope you’ve all had an awesome weekend too 🙂

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