Start each day with a Positive Thought

The best way to start a day

Morning guys!

It’s Monday again which means one thing, it’s five full days of work before the weekend. That doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Make yourself a cup of tea or grab a coffee at the train station. Sit down and take a deep breath. And tell yourself, as my husband often tells me when I’m feeling down, “You’ve got this, man!”

You should always try to start each day with a positive thought, but this is true of Mondays more than any other day. Use Monday as a fresh start. Monday is an ideal time to start over in the little things in life. Did you go off your diet at the weekend? Start again on Monday. Missed the gym lately? Start again on Monday. Bad week at work last week? It’s a new week, start afresh.

Or you could use today as a start for something bigger. Start a new Twitter account or write that blog post you’ve always thought about. Sign up to a course (online is brilliant – I’ve just done an events management course and a Marketing on Twitter and Facebook course). Pick a new hobby that you’ve never thought of doing before.

For me, today is about heading back to the gym. I’m going to try to make it 4 days this week with Monday being the starting point.

Make your Monday positive, make it the mark of something new. Make this week awesome! You’ve got this, man!

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