How to Refocus After an Unproductive Day

Unproductive DayHad an unproductive day lately? Yesterday I wrote about how much I struggle with productivity due to depression but sometimes I’m just generally unproductive. There’s not a huge amount you can do about it at the time, if you’re not in the mood, you’re not in the mood! What you can do however, is bounce back from your unproductive day(s) and not let it drag out. 

Here’s my top tips on how to refocus after an unproductive day:

1. Forget about your Unproductive Day 

It’s in the past now, just leave it there. There’s no point in dwelling on the fact that you took a day off. Yes, you didn’t achieve what you wanted to but there’s nothing you can do about that now. Spending time worrying about what you didn’t do yesterday is taking time out of today that you could use to smash your goals!

2. Create a To-Do List

Write down what you wanted to get done during your unproductive day, as well as what you want to achieve today. Prioritise that list and be realistic about you think you can get done today. There’s no point in putting too much pressure on yourself. You might have to let go of some of the things you wanted to get done if they’re not important so that your bigger goals don’t slide.

Writing everything out will also ease any stress you have around *just how much* you have to do and catch up on.

3. Take Your Time 

Don’t rush and try to get everything done in half the time. The more you rush, the more mistakes you’ll make. That either means you’ll be sharing half-hearted work or you’ll be spending hours on end trying to fix your mistakes. Take your time, do it right and do it well first time round.

Rushing will also increase any feelings of stress and anxiety you might have.

Unproductive Day

4. Do the Small Tasks First 

This is just one of those mentality things. If you do the small tasks on your list first you’ll find that you’re ticking loads of things off your to-do list. It’ll put you in a really good positive mood and you’ll feel super productive. By the time you get on to the bigger, more substantial tasks you’ll have forgotten all about your unproductive phase.

5. Reward Yourself 

Bouncing back from an unproductive day is hard. Once you’ve made it through your first day back, reward yourself with something – a new notebook, a coffee, a bar of chocolate…whatever you like, you deserve it!

So, if you’ve had an unproductive day don’t despair, just get back on the horse and start again!

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