Healthy Eating

It’s really difficult to eat healthily, especially when you’re busy. For me, the best way to ensure that I eat the right things is to plan ahead, make large portions of healthy meals that will last me a couple of days, and ensure that when I get home from work, there’s something quick, easy and good for me to eat to take away the temptation of ready meals and takeaways.

I’ll be adding my favourite recipes on here in an attempt to help you stay on track and eat the good stuff! After all, you are what you eat, and eating healthily has a multitude of benefits.¬†None of these recipes are my own (duh! I’m not a culinary genius) but I’ll let you know where each one has come from so if you really like one, you can do your own research and see what else that chef/cookbook/website has to offer. I’ve also put together some meal ideas – not really recipes, just ideas of foods that go well together and help make eating healthily a little bit more interesting.SmoothiesI really hope you find these recipes helpful and, most importantly, tasty. Eating healthily doesn’t have to be boring and you’re much more likely to make long-term changes if you enjoy what you’re doing.¬†Please let me know if you come across any good recipes or meal ideas that you’d like to share; I love trying out new ideas and experimenting in the kitchen.

Dani x