An Open Letter to Anyone Struggling with Depression

Dear you,

Firstly, I want to say well done. Well done for being here today. Well done for clicking on this letter. Well done for admitting that you’re struggling with depression. It’s hard to admit sometimes. Especially when you don’t know why you feel this way. But acknowledging depression is a huge step in dealing with it, so well done.

Next I want to say, it’s okay. It’s okay that you feel like shit. It’s okay to want to hide away. There are good days and bad days for us all. Today is just a bad day, you’re going to get through this day, like all the other days before it, and all the days after it.

It will get better.

I promise.

You will come out the other side of this shining so bright that you will light up the whole world.

Although you might feel it right now, you are not alone. I have been where you are right now, as have so many others but I know that doesn’t matter to you right now. You are oh so loved by the people around you, but I know it probably doesn’t feel that way. You have a purpose in this big beautiful world and bring so much to so many lives, but I know if doesn’t feel like that right now.

All those negative voices in your head, ignore them. You are not your depression.

I love you for who you are. For everything you’ve done, everything you’ve survived and everything ahead of you.

I am so proud of you my love.

I’m writing this letter to you to tell you how incredibly strong you are. To tell you how many people love you. To tell you that everything’s going to be okay. To tell you to be brave.

You will get through this.

I promise.

For now, listen to your body and take care of yourself. Shut out everything else if you need to. Just focus on you. Take each minute, hour, day as it comes. Be patient with yourself.

You are never alone, I will be by your side now and always.

With all my love,


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