My Blogtober Round Up

BlogtoberWell I made it!

I’ve finally reached the end of #blogtober. I’m not going to lie, that was bloody hard work! I’ve managed to write 62 blog posts over the past 31 days which is a LOT of writing.

The difficulty with blogging is that it’s not just a case of sitting down and writing a couple of hundred words then hitting publish. Research has to go into most posts (more so on the other blog than on here), some of my posts are close to 2,000 words long too which is weird when I think I wrote essays at Uni that long. It takes quite a while to write that many words. Then there’s the editing – checking spelling and grammar, changing the font colours, checking things that effect the SEO rating such as sentence length, passive voice and headings. And finally, there’s the images. Phew! That’s a lot to do. Twice. Every. Single. Night.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining about it. Well, not really anyway.

It’s been amazing to see how much I can actually get done in a day and how I can push myself to work hard even after I get home from work. There have been days when I’ve got home and really, really, really, not wanted to write anything and that has probably shown through my writing (sorry for those rubbish posts guys).

I am so excited about tomorrow night as it’s going to be the first night in ages that I won’t have to get home and turn a blog post around from start to finish. I will be writing (surprise, surprise) but I’ll be working on future posts that will be scheduled ahead of time. Yay, no pressure! Well, less pressure but that’s still nice!

What will I be doing with all my free time? Probably hibernating now that it’s going dark at 4 pm. Haha. But seriously, I need to sit down this week and look at my goals for November and December. After pushing myself to blog every day, I know that there’s a lot more energy and determination in me than I previously acknowledged. I know I can get a lot more out of my evenings so I’ll be revisiting and adapting my goals to take that into consideration.

A fair bit of my time will be taken up with training for the half Marathon in Feb and full Marathon in April but I’m also hoping to make some significant progress on the business and plans with the Raising Hope Foundation.

I’ll be back on your screens shortly but probably not for a couple of days!

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