My 2015 Bucket List

Bucket List

I appreciate that January is almost over but I’ve been working on my list of “goals” throughout this month to ensure it’s right! I realise that makes me sound like a bit of a control freak but I’ve had so many ideas. I’ve tried to make my list a mixture of things that I’ve always wanted to do and goals which are simple and realistic. So here goes, this is a list of things I want to do this year:

1. Read a book every month – I miss reading so much but I struggle to find time. My aim this year is to set some time aside each week for reading. It’d be great if you could let me know any recommendations you have for me.

2. Learn a new language – I can’t decide whether or not to learn a completely new language or whether to learn pick up French again. 

3. Write down something that makes me happy each day – I’m going to start this tomorrow and keep a notebook – expect a blog at the end of the year about this one!

4. Go on holiday with my best friend – Haven’t decided when or where yet but this is something that needs to happen this year. 

5. Move to London – We’ve already made a start on this one so it won’t be much of a challenge!

6. Read a new blog every day – Please send me your links guys.

7. Take a photo every day for a year – Like the “something that makes you happy each day”, I’ll be starting this tomorrow and blogging at the end of the year about it.

8. Learn to knit – No I’m not 80, knitting is cool. 

9. Write a letter to my future self – I’m thinking of doing a couple of letters; one for this time next year, one for five years and one for 10 years time. 

10. Go skiing or snowboarding – This one’s kinda in the bag already as I’m going to Zermatt but I want to make a point of trying to ski or snowboard.

11. Visit Edinburgh – Pretty self-explanatory really.

12. Visit Iceland and see the Northern Lights – Same as above, doesn’t really need any extra detail.

13. Write a book – I have a few notes together already but don’t really have a story line yet so having the book finished this year might be a bit of a stretch.

14. Start running again – I ran a bit last year and, once I got into it, really enjoyed it but I haven’t run for a while.

15. Learn to meditate – I struggle with stress and anxiety so I think meditation might help.

16. Start yoga again – Like running, I have done this previously but not done it for a while.

17. Learn how to draw – I used to do this a lot when I was much younger and, from memory, I don’t think I was too bad at it!

18. Learn how to do a handstand/be strong enough to do a handstand – Another self-explanatory one. 

19. Go to a festival/outdoor concert – I haven’t given much thought to this yet but I’d like something small and low-key rather than one of the big ones.

20. Watch every Disney movie – I need to Google this and make a list so that I can start ticking them off and hopefully get through them all before the end of the year.

21. Make more time for family and friends – This is really means a lot to me. 2014 went by so quickly and I only got to see some of my favourite people a couple of times so this year needs to be different.

22. Organise my photos – Finally make photo books and albums of all my photos that are just stored on my laptop.

23. Go to Oktoberfest – Preferably the one in Munich but depending on money, one in the UK might have to do this year.

24. Go on a wine tasting course – Like number 23, I’d like this to be somewhere exciting, like a vineyard in France but it might have to be more local.

25. Watch a sunrise.

26. Camp on the beach – hopefully ties in with number 25 and preferably in the summer.

27. Take photography lessons – I love taking photos but I’m not great at it. I have a good camera which I’d like to be able to use properly.

28. Go in a hot air balloon – I’m scared of heights so this is a bit like overcoming a fear too.

29. Go berry picking and make jam – Me and my mum used to go berry picking and make pies and crumbles but I’ve never made jam so thought this might be a nice twist on an old family tradition.

30. Make more home made meals – This one has three goals to it really; 1. to save money; 2. to eat healthier; and 3. to get better at cooking.

31. Host a dinner party for friends – Maybe a “Come Dine With Me” style competition.

32. Get a new tattoo – Like most of the other things on this list, I haven’t worked out the finer details.

33. Explore somewhere new in the UK – Any suggestions and recommendations would be most welcome, so if you live somewhere awesome, let me know.

34. Go kayaking – I did this at camp when I was younger and was unbelievably crap at it. I think now might be the time to try again.

35. Start my own business – I have no idea what, or how, or why or when but I really want to do this

36. Go on both the Manchester Wheel and the London Eye – and decide which is the best!

37. Watch Grey’s Anatomy – from start to finish. So far, I’ve watched one episode so there’s lots to get through.

38. Cut all my hair off for charity  well not literally all of it but cut it very short.

39. Watch a horror film on my own – I’m the biggest wimp in the world so if this happens I’ll be really proud of myself!

40. Be happy

I’d love some recommendations of blogs and books to read so please send me some ideas and links. I’ll let you know how I get on throughout the year.

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