Long Time, No See (or Post!) – Where I’ve been for the Past Year!

Where Have I Been?

Hey beautiful,

Long time, no see!

Yes, I’m still alive and still blogging. Very much so! But I’ve not shown my face in these parts for a while.

14 months to be exact. My last post on here was me celebrating the end of Blogtober. That was at the end of October…2016! We’re now coming to the end of 2017.

I have mixed feelings about having taken all of that time off. It wasn’t intentional and there have been many, many times when I’ve thought, “I really need to get back on to Brighteyed and Bewildered and give my adoring fans something to read”. But then things got in the way.

Life got in the way.

Mental Health got in the way.

My business(es) got in the way.

I’m genuinely sad that I haven’t posted on here for so long but, at the same time, it feels great to have really taken a break from it. I’ve come back to Brighteyed and Bewildered with a renewed sense of energy and a new purpose for this blog. I’ve also come back to Brighteyed and Bewildered a different person to the person I was when I left.

Since I last spoke to you a lot has happened. And when I say a lot, I mean A LOT! So much in fact that I’m going to save it all for a mini “life update” post (you know how much I love those!). But, for now, I’ll share the latest developments with you:

  • I got engaged
  • I moved out of London and back to my hometown
  • I cut my work hours down to 2 days per week to pursue my own self-employed career/business

Some big headlines there right? I know! And I’ve already started writing a post about the whole self-employed/business adventure so you’ve got that to look forward to soon!

Anyway, I’m probably going to leave this post here now – I don’t want to keep┬árambling on about nothing.

I’m so happy to be back and have absolutely loved writing this little post.

See you soon,

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