London Living and a New Adventure

London is amazing but time is just flying by too quickly. So quickly in fact that this is the first chance I’ve actually had time to sit down and blog. So far, inbetween working, travelling with work and getting to know our awesome housemates, I’ve managed a couple of trips to Spitalfields markets (mainly for lunch!), a visit to Camden Markets and a morning of cheering on the London Marathon runners.

The main reason for that though is that I’ve been setting up my own business, Polkadots and Pictures. Almost all of my spare time has been spent on designing my website and working on the projects for sale.

I’ve always loved arts and crafts from a very young age and, for as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted to set up a business doing something I love but had no idea what to do. So, when we moved to London I decided that now was the time to do it. I know I’d mentioned it in earlier posts so obviously I’d made my mind up about what I wanted to do and I had started researching the market and the work I needed to do to set up a business. I’d set the date for starting physical work on the business such as putting the website together, buying stock and starting to make some of the products as the weekend that we moved and set the date for launching the website itself two weeks later (although I was a week late on that!)

Polkadots and Pictures

The idea behind Polkadots and Pictures is that, since digital cameras, people don’t do anything with their photos anymore. They just sit on a memory card or hard drive and never really get looked at – I have a solution for that: Scrapbooks. I’ve always collected train tickets, menus, place names and invites from weddings etc. and kept scrapbooks with photos and memorabilia in and I absolutely love making them. So that’s the idea, people send me their photos and memorabilia and I provide a full scrapbooking service.

One of my makes - Polkadots and Pictures

I appreciate that some people won’t want to part with their photos and memorabilia so I also offer ready made scrapbooks without the photos (essentially, just decorated pages to suit whatever occasion and theme the customer has requested) so that they can add their own photos once they receive the scrapbook.

Alongside the scrapbooks, I also provide memory boards which are single scrapbook pages which can then be framed to make a really cool background for your photos.


So that’s my new adventure in a nutshell. Don’t worry – I’m not going to constantly be plugging my business in every post I write from now on, I just wanted to share this step in my journey with you.

I’m hoping that now that the website is up and running I’ll have more time to write (as well as more time to get out and explore London so that I have some exciting things to actually write about). But for now, I’m just going to leave you with a few pictures of what Polkadots and Pictures has to offer.

Graduation card - Polkadots and Pictures

Birthday memory board - Polkadots and Pictures

A page from a Christening scrapbook - Polkadots and Pictures

Wedding card and memory board - Polkadots and Pictures

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