Friday Thoughts

friday-thoughtsHey there guys,

I’m going to keep this Friday Thoughts post short and sweet. It’s the end of my first week of #blogtober and it’s been a really good week. I thought I’d do a little round up of what I’ve achieved, new goals I’ve set and random thoughts and idea’s I’ve had this week.

So here goes:

  1. I’ve written, edited and scheduled at total of 14 blog posts this week – one for each day of the week for both blogs for a full seven days. It’s been hard work and I’m not sure if I’ll manage to get through the whole of October like this but I’m going to give it a bloody good go!
  2. I’ve boosted my page views on both blogs to an average of 15 views per day (BOOM!)
  3. I’ve completed failed at running. I’ve not run once this week which is fantastic as I have a half marathon in 8 days’ time
  4. I had an awesome chat with a really inspirational guy about our businesses and future plans. We set ourselves goals for the next month and we’re going to help each other achieve those goals.
  5. I’ve had two panic attacks and survived
  6. I had a moment of total happiness on my way into work on Monday. Riding down embankment on a chilly, sunny autumn morning, realising how completely blessed I am to live in London, have a job I enjoy, have the opportunity to start my own business…the list goes on…
  7. I’ve made a pretty full-on schedule for this weekend, including draft posts for the next week (or two), work on the first module of my eCourse, getting my first eBook published and taking and editing some more stock photos for my blogs.
  8. I’ve also been thinking about volunteering again…it’s been 3 years since I went to Ghana and I miss it SO much. The chances of me getting out there in the next year or so are slim so I’m thinking of looking for something closer to home in the interim
  9. I’ve decided that I want to move out of central London but I’ve also decided that I hate nothing more than looking for new flats so I’ve abandoned that idea for now.
  10. I’ve fallen in love with autumn all over again. Every year I dread it and every year I end up loving it
  11. I’ve decided that I want to read more. In particular, I want to read¬†Girl on the Train before the film comes out.
  12. I went on my first double date since…I don’t actually remember when. It was amazing. Also, I’d definitely recommend¬†Deepwater Horizon if you’re going to the cinema soon.
  13. I saw a guy who lives on my street somewhere walking two French Bulldog puppies and it made me insanely happy.
  14. I downloaded a new meditation app but didn’t use it…maybe next week
  15. I set my alarm for 6.45 every day with the intention of doing yoga before work. I slept in ’til 7.30 every single day.

So that’s been my week in 10 short points. Hope you’ve all had a brilliant week and have a lovely weekend.

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