Friday Thoughts 2


This week has absolutely flown by…I’m not even 100% sure what happened!

I thought I’d stick with a short Friday thoughts post for today. There’s not a lot to report back on in terms of what I’ve actually done and achieved this week but it’s been a goodun so thought I’d share anyway.

Here’s what’s been going on in my life over the past seven days:

  1. I’ve still not run this week. At all! I have a half marathon on Sunday and haven’t run for two whole weeks! I’ve been struggling a lot with motivation and energy, I’ve also been feeling under the weather a little. I’m still going to give it a go on Sunday and will be super happy with myself if I can complete the run.
  2. It’s the end of week two of #blogtober and I have been nowhere near as organised as I was last week! It’s sucked a little because I’ve been writing the posts each day and posting immediately. Really not ideal but at least I haven’t missed a day yet! Total blog posts written this month = 28. BOOM!
  3. My alarm has been set for 6.45 am every day this week, AGAIN. I’ve also slept through to 7.30 am every day, AGAIN! I will get into this habit soon but it’s been so cold lately it’s been impossible to get out of bed early.
  4. I’ve had a really busy but productive week at work. Really looking forward to having Monday off work now.
  5. I’ve blogged quite a bit about mental health issues, I also joined the #TalkMH chat briefly last night. I’ve decided that I want to become much more involved in mental health issues, I just haven’t figured out how yet – I guess this might tie in a bit with my thoughts around volunteering again that I mentioned last week.
  6. I’ve started to try to cut out dairy products from my diet. It’s been going okay, I’ve replaced my yogurt and milk with soya products. I haven’t quite got used to them yet – my coffee tastes slightly odd but not terrible! I haven’t managed to cut out cheese yet though and had some on my spag bol last night – ooooooops!
  7. I have set myself some new goals around writing. I want to use November to start working more on one of my books. After all it is NaNoWriMo (or National Novel Writing Month). So I’ve signed up but I’m not putting any pressure on myself
  8. I started watching Orphan Black on Sunday and now I’m addicted to it.
  9. I’m getting excited for my trip back to Manchester this weekend (even if I don’t know how I feel about the half marathon)
  10. I finally got my onesie out of storage (well it was just in the bottom of my wardrobe). It was magical being able to wear it again.
  11. I’m starting to feel super festive, especially after last night’s #tbhchat! Also the dark evenings make it feel really wintery. CANNOT wait for the Christmas markets to start!
  12. Being the major geek that I am, I’ve got my blogging and biz spreadsheets set up for the next six months – just need to fill them in now 🙂
  13. I made a start on sorting through my inbox – I’m down to 346 unread emails now! Slow progress…I have no idea how I’ve even managed to get to this point in my life…

So, after saying I didn’t have much to update you guys on, I’m only two bullet points shy of last week’s post!

Hope you all had a good week and have a lovely weekend planned

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