Friday Thoughts – 12.01.2018

Friday Thoughts

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Happy Friday!

I thought my second post of 2018 should be the start of my Friday thoughts series.

It’s just going to be a bit of a weekly brain dump really, so here goes…

Keeping a Diary is Cool

This year I’ve made the decision to record my thoughts more – I don’t mean like “Dear Diary, Today I…” No, I’m not going back to my teenage years and keeping a daily diary.

Well actually, I am keeping a daily diary of sorts. I have a 365 page notepad that I’m in love with and I’m making notes in it each day of where my businesses are up to. You see, this journey that I’m on right now is kinda epic. It’s exciting and scary. It’s a complete roller-coaster and every single day is different. One day I want to be able to write a book about how it all happened but my memory is pants so I need to keep some notes as I go!

I also investing in The Happiness Planner and so far I am LOVING it! By completing it each day, I’m really focusing on the positives – good things that have happened during the day and things that I’m looking forward to tomorrow. Sure, it’s no immediate cure for depression and anxiety but it is really helping focus on the right things.

Happiness Planner

People are Weird

All of us are. Every single person on this plant is weird as hell!

I literally have no idea why, but I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately. Like every single day this week I’ve been thinking about how strange people are. Not in a bad way, it’s totally amazing.

Every person is different. Every person is unique. Every person is amazing in their own quirky way.

Whilst I love this about humans, I really wish that everyone else saw how our diversity and weirdness is a great thing. And, rather than hating our differences, drew strength and inspiration from others.

It’s Okay Not to Achieve Your Goals

Call them goals. Call them resolutions. Call them whatever you want! It makes no difference what you call them, just know that it’s okay if you don’t achieve them.

Now I know I sound like a primary school teacher when I say this but…it’s the taking part that counts 😂😂

But seriously, the fact that you get out of bed everyday and try to achieve those goals is AMAZING. And, you know what? Even if you don’t get out of bed but you get through the day, you rock! As someone who knows how tough it can be just to be awake let alone try to do anything, I’ll tell you right now, you are so much stronger than you think!

Goals are there to motivate you and help you to stay “on track” but, not achieving them doesn’t make you a failure.

We’re half way through January and I’ve not achieved a single daily or weekly goal that I set myself by the date I said I would. But that’s okay. Overall, for the month I’m on track. Plus I’ve achieved some other things that I hadn’t even set as goals. It’s swings and roundabouts really.

The one goal that I am disappointed about is my health/fitness goal as I’ve not worked out once this year yet. BUT, listening to what my body and mind needs is more important. Yes, I know that exercise will help me feel better (still not a cure FYI!) but I also know that leaving the house when my anxiety is bad will knock me off my feet. So sometimes I just have to stay home and work on things here instead. Which is fine because it means I tick more things off my goals list!!

Healthy Eating isn’t Expensive

Can you tell that my mind is crazy busy this week? None of these thoughts are even connected!

Anyway, after coming back from holiday, it’s taken us a while to get settled back into a routine so our diet hasn’t been great.

In an attempt to eat more healthily, I invested in a couple of books by Joe Wicks aka The Body Coach. I’ve seen his videos popping up on my Facebook feed a lot. One of his main “selling points” is that his recipes are not only healthy but they’re super quick and easy to make too.  So, whilst Mark was still at work, I grabbed my recipe book, made a list and headed off to my local Sainsburys.

And you know what? I got food for us for 2 weeks for £55! That’s about half of what we usually spend. Plus, it’s all healthy food. Win, win. It was also quite nice doing the food shopping alone, without Mark grabbing all of the crisps and energy drinks along the way!

That’s it for this week folks! What’s been on your mind? Let me know below.

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