My Friday Fitness Round Up: Part One

So this week, I decided to try something a little different and, rather than randomly post about my health and fitness, I thought I’d start a regular series of posts. The main reason for this is that I’m hoping it will provide me with some extra motivation which I’m seriously lacking at the moment – after all, if I know your eyes are on me and you’re tracking my progress too, I can’t let you down!

The first few posts are probably going to be a bit of trial and error so I’d really appreciate your feedback; let me know what parts you enjoy and which bits I can scrap.

I’ll be documenting my week from Saturday morning through to Friday lunchtime/dinnertime/whenever works time, but I kinda only decided this on Monday (which is handy because I ate a whole load of shit and was super lazy last weekend!)

That’s enough of the boring intro stuff for now, let’s take a look at this week:


Brighteyed and Bewildered (12)Breakfast – Mango, Papaya and Pineapple Yoghurt with Raisin and Honey Granola. Two cups of Pomegranate Green Tea.

Lunch – Home made tuna salad (lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber and tuna). No dressing.

Afternoon Snack – Dried apricots and raisins

Dinner – Grilled sausages with sweet potato mash. Made pretty unhealthy with a little but of gravy and a Yorkshire pudding!

Exercise – I didn’t have the energy to run home today but I did go for a walk for about 30 minutes on my lunch break around Green Park and Buckingham Palace.

Feeling – Generally speaking, I was happy with what I ate today but dinner wasn’t great. I was disappointed that I didn’t run today but, by home time, I felt exhausted. There’s always tomorrow though!


Brighteyed and Bewildered (9)Breakfast – Mango, Papaya and Pineapple Yoghurt with Raisin and Honey Granola. A cup of coffee – I was super sleepy this morning but I am trying to cut down on my caffeine intake.

Lunch – Home made tuna salad (lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, tuna and….wait for it….some olives! Ooooooo!) No dressing.

Afternoon Snack – Dried apricots and raisins

Dinner – Grilled salmon with chilli flakes, broccoli, asparagus and brown rice. I like to try to avoid carbs in an evening, mainly because I find they interfere with my sleep (yea, yea, I know that sounds weird but it’s true) but on days when I run, it’s important to try and replenish what I’ve burnt off.

Exercise – I ran from work to London Bridge this evening. It’s about 4.5 km and I was running at my fastest pace for a long time (approx. 6.24 mins per km) but I had to stop for a wee so I lost my pacing. Still happy to have run at all and super happy with the pace at the start.

Feeling – My mood was pretty low today but running definitely helped and I’ve had a really productive evening as a result. Running usually helps with depression but it’s too early to expect too much of an improvement.


Brighteyed and Bewildered (10)Breakfast – Mango, Papaya and Pineapple Yoghurt with Raisin and Honey Granola. Two cups of Pomegranate Green Tea. I know some people find having the same thing day in day out boring but I’ve bought a massive bag of granola and it’s delicious!

Lunch – Home made  salad (lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber and olives). No dressing.

Afternoon Snack – Dried apricots and raisins

Dinner – Home made burritos/fajitas. I kinda made this up as I went along – Chicken, onions and peppers with a fajita seasoning, brown rice, salsa and grated cheese all wrapped up in a tortilla wrap. I also had a MooYoo frozen yoghurt lolly for desert; these are perfect for when I’m craving something sweet.

Exercise – I absolutely smashed the run home tonight with an average pace of 6 minutes 39 per km (I know it’s not actually that fast but it’s effin amazing for me!) According to my FitBit, I’ve burned 2,139 calories today! Go me!

Feeling – Physically, I’m pretty tired and I’ve had terrible cramp in my right calf (so I’m currently sat in bed writing in my compression socks). Mentally, much better. It’s amazing how much of an impact running has on my mental state. I feel much calmer and a lot happier already.


Brighteyed and Bewildered (11)
Breakfast – Mango, Papaya and Pineapple Yoghurt with Raisin and Honey Granola. Pomegranate Green Tea and a coffee.

Lunch – Home made tomato pasta bake, made last night. Brown pasta, tomato and basil sauce and a sprinkling of cheese to top it off.

Afternoon Snack – Dried apricots and raisins and a skinny latte

Dinner – Home made burritos/fajitas – just using up leftover ingredients from last night.

Exercise -Last night’s cramp seems to have actually been a strained calf muscle. I ran about 2.4 km this evening before feeling and hearing my right calf pop…so yea, that was nice. I walked for a bit but that was just as painful as running so decided to jog the last km anyway.

Feeling – I’m in quite a lot of pain and fairly annoyed that I’ve injured myself but tomorrow is meant to be a rest day anyway. I’m really tired too; for some reason, when I run I actually find it much harder to sleep at night. Weird right?!

Friday (today)

Brighteyed and Bewildered (13)Breakfast – Decided to mix it up a little bit and treat myself to breakfast from Pret on the way into work. Kept it fairly healthy with a fruit pot and a skinny vanilla latte (I could drink them all day every day!)

Lunch – Leftover pasta bake. I always like to make large portions of things that will cover several meals. Mainly because I’m lazy but also because it’s cost effective and I’m trying to save money.

Afternoon Snack – Dried apricots and raisins

Dinner – Friday night is treat night so it was Chinese food from Tesco, a Corona and some fruit pastilles.

Exercise – Today is rest day but I wanted to do some walking to keep my calves moving and stretched. I walked to work and also went for a long walk on my lunch break. In total, I’ve covered 11.7 km in 17,500 steps which isn’t too shabby for a rest day.

Feeling – Rest day is always an odd one because I feel like I should have done more. Combine that with a cheat meal and I feel pretty guilty. Having said that, I’m happy with my progress from the rest of the week and how far I walked today so I’m just going to enjoy it!

All in all, not a bad week! I managed to stick with healthy eating in the main (with the exception of the two lattes) but I’m annoyed at the calf strain. Next week I want to push a little harder and get four 5 km runs done.

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