Friday Fitness Round Up: Part Four

Brighteyed and Bewildered (6)

This week has been a bit bumpy. I’ve had some great workouts but I’ve also done a lot of comfort eating which isn’t great, especially as I’m going on holiday on Wednesday! My diet and exercise regime is likely to be rubbish while I’m away too so it’s looking like two poor weeks in a row.


Brighteyed and Bewildered (7)Brunch – Cheese and bacon oatcakes. I have two questions: 1. Why is bacon soooo amazing? 2. Why does London not have oatcakes?

Afternoon Snack – I spent the afternoon wandering round Borough Market so treated myself to an apple, pear and mint juice.

Dinner – We had dinner out this evening. I didn’t want to hold back too much but also didn’t want to completely pig out so I had a burger with avocado but no bun and only a couple of sweet potato fries.

Exercise – I walked quite a lot today. By the time I’d got the tube, walked around the market and headed home, I’d clocked up over 15,000 steps.

Feeling – It’s been a while since I last went to Borough Market because the crowds made me nervous but today I was fine. Sometimes it’s hard to see the progress you’re making each day until you do something that you couldn’t do/found difficult to do before.


Brighteyed and Bewildered (16)Breakfast – Usual Sunday behaviour of skipping breakfast. I had planned to eat mid-morning but we went out on the motorbike and ended up in Southend-on-Sea.

Lunch – Half a portion of fish and chips. I mean, it would be rude not to seeing as we were at the seaside!

Dinner – Homemade Chilli con Carne with spicy rice.

Exercise – My abs got a pretty good workout on the bike and we had a nice walk along the seafront but other than that it’s been a fairly sedative day.

Feeling – Had a lovely day on the bike in the sunshine and it’s been ages since I’ve been to the seaside in the UK.


Brighteyed and Bewildered (12)Breakfast – Yogurt, granola and Green Tea (obviously not all mixed together)

Lunch – Salad from home. Mixed lettuce leaves, tomatoes, peppers and tuna.

Afternoon Snack – Raisins and apricots.

Dinner – Leftover chilli in leftover fajita wraps. I made them into an enchilada kind of dish by filling the wraps with chilli, topping with salsa and cheese and baking in the over.

Exercise – Today was a gym day. I ran 5km and trained triceps, biceps, shoulders and abs.

Feeling – It was nice to be back in the gym after the weekend and, as an added bonus it was really quiet. I’m really looking forward to the weekend again already so I think an early night is in order to see if I can find some extra energy to get me through the rest of the week.


Coffee makesthe world go roundBreakfast – Proper coffee and some granola.

Lunch – Salad from home. Rather embarrassingly, I’m lacking fresh food at home so today’s salad consisted of lettuce, tomatoes and olives! Although it sounds super dull, it did the job and filled me up until dinner time.

Afternoon Snack – I forgot to pack my snacks today!

Dinner – I’ve felt really rubbish all day, my mood has been low and I’ve felt stressed for no real reason so I had a full blown cheat meal – my diet has been terrible lately so I don’t think it counts as a “cheat meal” (ahem, McDonald’s is OK right?)

Exercise – I know this is a lame excuse but I wasn’t in the office today which meant that I would have to head into central London just to go to the gym. I was not feeling that at all so treated myself to a day off.

Feeling – Fat but less stressed.


Brighteyed and Bewildered (9)Breakfast – Yogurt and granola. Two cups of coffee.

Lunch – Salmon and Tuna tartare salad from Itsu. I also tried their seaweed thins and have to admit, I’m not a fan.

Afternoon Snack – Raisins

Dinner – Homemade chicken curry and rice. Not the best but it was a low fat sauce so tasty and nowhere near as bad as a take-away.

Exercise – I did not want to go to the gym today but I made myself go and, inevitably, had a great workout. I only managed 25 minutes of cardio (15 minute warm-up on the stepper and 10 minute cool-down on the treadmill) because I spent the rest of my time there on an epic leg workout. My legs ache already which doesn’t bode well for tomorrow or Friday!

Feeling – I’ve had a day full of doubting myself today but the workout really helped. I’ve also been fairly productive this evening in terms of blogging and social media updates etc. so all in all, pretty good (although shattered).


Brighteyed and Bewildered (8)Breakfast – Yogurt and granola. I’m almost out of granola so it’s actually more like a granola dust at the moment!

Lunch – Macc and Cheese

Afternoon Snack – Coffee and a brownie

Dinner – Pizza. Holiday preparation is going well!

Exercise – Another day off. My legs are still killing from yesterday.

Feeling – This might not seem like a big deal to a lot of people, but today was another mile marker for me. The picture at the top of today’s entry is me in my Paris Marathon t-shirt that I’ve been too fat to fit into since before Christmas. It’s still a little tighter than I would like it to be but some progress is better than no progress!

Friday (today)

Thanks to Huffington Post’s Insta account for this

Breakfast – Just coffee today. Wasn’t really feeling the whole breakfast thing what with the EU Referendum results and all.

Lunch – Cheese sandwich. Pretty boring but a classic!

Afternoon Snack – More coffee and a slice of jam roll in the office

Dinner – I went shopping after work to get some final bits and pieces for the holiday so we got dinner while we were out. I had steak, chips and salad alongside a Porn Star Martini.

Exercise – I was planning on going for a run after work but then realised I needed to go shopping as it’s my last free evening before my holidays – will have to make up for this over the weekend.

Feeling – Shocked by this morning’s but that’s got nothing to do with my diet, exercise or mental health! Generally though, really good and super glad that it’s finally Friday. I have a packed weekend ahead of me and then only two days at work before it’s holiday time.

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