Friday Fitness: Boot Camp

Friday Fitness Part FiveThis week’s Friday Fitness is completely different to the rest for two reasons:

  1. I’ve kept forgetting to record what I’ve been eating. This is probably for the best as my diet hasn’t been great recently and what I’ve eaten this week is probably quite embarrassing!
  2. I went to my first ever boot camp session last night and needed to write about it IMMEDIATELY!

So, just a quick general update – I’ve been really slack with the gym lately. I’ve been exhausted (I say this waaaaay too much). There’s been a lot going on in the world of Dani over the past few weeks. I’ve been off medication for a while now which means I’m finally starting to feel less like a zombie but it does mean that I haven’t been sleeping well. Don’t get me wrong, I’d much rather be myself and struggling to sleep than still on medication. Whilst I think I deserve a mini “Yay!” for that achievement, I also deserve a kick up the ass for not working out. Also, I’ve been having a nightmare with my implant so that’s coming out today – another mini “Yay!”

Anyway, enough about me, on to boot camp. Me and the girls at work are trying to do different “sporting” activities in London. The catch being that they have to be free. So far we’ve had a free taster of a Michael Jackson dance class (evidence below). The class was so much fun and the instructor was amazing – she had so much energy and passion it was insane! Also, as it was a taster session, nobody knew what was going on so we weren’t alone there!

Sported staff learning to moonwalk

I digress, again…So, our next free group activity was boot camp. This is what has to say about boot camp:

Boot Camp


1. (US, slang) a basic training camp for new recruits to the US Navy or Marine Corps
2. a centre for juvenile offenders, with a strict disciplinary regime, hard physical exercise, and community labour programmes

Sounds horrific right? And also nothing to do with keeping fit through choice. But boot camp sessions are taking London by storm…well I think they did a while ago but I’ve only just jumped on the bandwagon!

Due to location and the fact that they offered a free trial, we went with Swift Fitness who have this to say about their boot camps:

“The sessions had to be super effective, and get people in amazing shape. Every workout has to be fun, enjoyable and something you want over and over again. Plus we want each session to be social. Whether you’re bringing old friends along, or making new ones. Working out is just better with mates.” (Copied from Swift Fitness’s website)

Before I carry on, I’m going to say this right now – I have not been paid for this review…but it was amazing!

Granted, for half of the one hour session I genuinely thought I might throw up but I guess that’s what happens when you’re unfit but push yourself anyway!

It’s hard to explain what we did. Partly because it’s a blur and partly because words don’t actually do it justice. There was sprinting, squats, lunges, weird crawling, press ups and a whole load of abs. All made more interesting by the fact that it was raining so we were essentially a bunch of weirdos rolling around in the mud in Green Park. 

Boot CampThe key thing was that it was HARD. Like, can’t breathe, sweating my face off, might throw up hard. But it was also really fun. And I say that as one of the slowest, least fit people in the whole group. Sure, I was waaaay behind most people there but I didn’t actually care and usually I would. I didn’t feel like people were judging me or laughing at me. I just went at my own pace and that was OK. But I guess that’s what happens when you’re in a group of people all doing the same thing but in a way that works for them – everyone was far too busy focusing on what they were doing to even care about anything else.

The instructor was awesome too (although some of the others will definitely not agree with me on that). He made you challenge yourself and push a little harder than you wanted to but he wasn’t mad-as-hell, yelling in your face, mean to you. He also loved my Thursday face and anyone that can accept my Thursday face is OK in my books.

The combo of constantly changing exercises, a good instructor and a friendly group meant that the hour absolutely flew by.

Summary? I ache massively today so that’s always a good sign of an excellent workout. I’d definitely do it again but pricing is an issue in London so I need to figure out how often I’d actually go and whether or not I’d keep my gym membership too.

I’d definitely recommend you checking out your local boot camp and, if you can, popping along for a free trial. The only downside is that they can be quite expensive, especially in central London.

Anyway, get out there and enjoy!

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