My Favourite Things About Autumn


Today has felt really Autumnal so I decided to do a short post on all the things I love about Autumn. It’s definitely my favourite season…only because Christmas isn’t an actual season.

  1. Pumpkin Spice and Ginger Bread lattes – Basically anything pumpkin or gingerbread flavoured to be honest but being a caffeine addict, the coffee always wins!
  2. Cold, misty mornings – I love, love, love cold, misty (sometimes even frosty) mornings. There’s just something magical about them especially in the city or over water.14724622_774569769348635_2165616186075387070_n
  3. Candles…all of the cinnamon, mulled spice candles – I actually got a new spicy candle from Waitrose today that smells amazing! Added bonus, it’s a huge jar candle so will hopefully last through to Christmas.
  4. Snuggly scarves – Look how cute we are! Need I say anything else?untitled-design-8
  5. Saturday nights in watching X Factor with pizza – X Factor is actually really annoying me this year but every Saturday night without fail, we curl up with pizza and wine and watch it.
  6. The colours – orange leaves, blue skies, red (mulled) wine. Autumn colours are so incredibly beautiful. As soon as the leaves start turning a little more, I’ll be out there with my camera. d2cff780d0d69a1642747fee9e94fb06
  7. Rainy days cuddled up under a blanket watching films – there really is nothing nicer than hearing the rain fall against your windows knowing that you don’t need to go outside.
  8. Comfort food – Okay, all the food but I love the switch over from salads to soups and pies. Oh and being able to eat Sunday roasts without overheatinguntitled-design-9
  9. Warm, cosy clothes – onesies and knitted jumpers especially
  10. It’s almost Christmas – which means mulled wine and Christmas markets! Eeeeeee!untitled-design-10

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