Safari Day Two – Sleepless in the Serengeti

Lioness and cubs, Serengeti

Last night was the worst night’s sleep ever! I had about 2 hours’ sleep until I was woken up by something moving around outside our tent. It sounded quite big, like a buffalo or wildebeest. Anyway, it was wandering around eating grass which, in itself, doesn’t sound scary written down but I was actually petrified! I was convinced that whatever it was out there was going to trample on our tent with us inside it. I put my headphones in and covered my head/ears with my hoody and tried to convince myself that it had gone away. I eventually drifted off into a broken sleep until around 5am when people started to wake up and move around the campsite.

A lot of other people left the campsite very early but we stayed for breakfast (toast, omelettes, sausage, pancakes and fruit). The food portions we have been given so far are huge and I feel terrible that we keep leaving food. Fiteal says that I need to eat more and Juma told me that I won’t have energy to climb Kili if I don’t.

Fiteal found it hilarious that I didn’t sleep last night and, through tears of laughter, managed to tell me that it was just a zebra outside my tent so I didn’t need to be worried at all.

After breakfast we climbed into the Land Rover and set out for a morning of safari. Rather than listing the animals we saw, I’ve added some of my favourite photos below:

Zebra, Serengeti


Hippo, Serengeti

Hyena after his meal, Serengeti

We came back to camp around 1p.m. for a lunch of quiche, salad, tilapia and chips. After lunch we had some time to rest – I think this was to Fiteal a rest from driving and to make sure that we weren’t out in the midday sun. At around 3 p.m. we went out again until 7 p.m. The evening safari was amazing. We saw leopards and a pack of hyenas killing and eating a baby buffalo – we watched them for ages. We also got to see some beautiful lion cubs.

Lion cubs, Serengeti

Lion cub, Serengeti

Lion cub, Serengeti

By the time we got back to camp it was dark and very, very cold so we put on a few extra layers and headed for dinner. The food was excellent again. We had hot drinks and chatted with Fiteal, before heading to bed. Now we’re back in the tent and last night keeps running through my mind and I’m starting to get scared.

Hopefully I’ll get much more sleep tonight as we have an early start tomorrow morning.

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