Charity Apprentice – Learning New Skills for the Charity Sector

Charity Apprentice

A few months ago, I was wasting time on Facebook, looking at other peoples’ lives whilst trying to decide what to do with my own when a suggested page popped up on my timeline. Usually I ignore the “Pages you might like” that Facebook offers me as they relate to the latest diet pills or the best deals on nappies or baby formula. Let’s get two things straight Facebook: firstly, I like to keep fit and eat healthily, I am therefore NOT going to fill my body with some random chemicals in order to “lose weight” (which we all know won’t happen from taking pills that Facebook recommended to you); and secondly, just because I am married does NOT mean that I’m having children any time soon (if you did your research properly, you’d know I’m only 26!).

Anyway, I’ve gone completely off point there….where was….oh yes, the recommended page I might like: Child.Org (previously KOP). In all honesty, I clicked on the link partially to avoid thinking about what to do next and partially because it looked like a genuinely interesting cause.

After a brief read, I learnt a bit more about the work that Child.Org does and realised that the work they do is truly amazing. Since 2012 Child.Org has supported over 15 different projects in Western Kenya. Currently they are funding six projects including a HealthStart project, feeding centres and shelters for street children.


At the top of their website I noticed a tab called “Charity Apprentice” which was described as a “course packed full of bite-sized online tasks and practical challenges you do at your own pace. You’ll see how charities work and spend up to a month in Africa learning how your efforts change lives.” After reading that initial paragraph, I almost signed up immediately. Having been an ambassador for the Raising Hope Foundation since 2009, I’ve seen first hand what impact charities and volunteers can have on the lives of other people. Equally, I’ve seen first hand what impact the children the Raising Hope Foundation works with in Ghana can have on the lives of volunteers.

Santrokofi, Ghana

I read a little bit more about the modules covered by the Charity Apprentice Course and signed up to it in the same day. I certainly haven’t regretted that decision. So far I’ve “met” some truly amazing and inspirational people on the Charity Apprentice platform. Being surrounded by like minded people, even if in a virtual environment has made me more determined to follow my dreams and the information provided on the course is helping me learn the skills I need to make it!

We’re still in the early stages of the course at the moment as it only started a few weeks ago, I’ll post more about the different modules we cover and the useful skills I learn along the way.

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