Sublime Sundays Part Five – Wedding Invites

I’ve been waiting for weeks to do this post – I’ve been working on the wedding invites for months but I finally finished them all and get them posted out to guests this week. I didn’t want to post about them until guests had received them and had chance to marvel at how amazing they are! I have to say I’m quite proud of my work! You’ve probably noticed that I’d been using the term “I” rather than “we” – that’s because Sean’s role in this has been purely supervisory.

Wedding invites
The main invite doesn’t actually have strange blank spaces – I’ve blocked some of the details out for privacy reasons

I did a lot a research into various styles of invitations before choosing the ones I wanted to make. I loved the pocketfold invites and after some more research, realised that they are actually really easy to make. I ordered the main Kraft invites from Amazon which came in a “flat pack” style packaging which just required folding and sticking to make the actual pocket.

The next choice was the style of paper to use within the invites. This was an easy decision as I just used the same paper I had used in the Save the Dates. I love the simplicity of the brown Kraft Card and the cream/beige paper.

The second choice was the wording of the main invite which I just kept simple – Date, Location and details of our Website which has the full details of the reception on it such as time, parking, accommodation etc.

Next was the fun part – designing the inserts and adding the smaller details.

I love this ribbon!

As a lot of the information is on the website, I tried to limit the additional information in the invite itself. I decided on “Gifts”, “Dress Code”, “RSVP”, “Accommodation” and “Extras” (which included information about alcohol, children etc.) I tied all of the inserts together with this beautiful “To Have and to Hold” ribbon by East of India.

I decided to have a bit of fun with the RSVPs and took inspiration from Mad Libs– I’m hoping to get some entertaining responses that we can somehow display at the reception *fingers crossed*


The outside of the invites were quite plain do I added a stamp just on the inside (also by East of India) and some Mr and Mrs tape on the outside.

Wedding invites

As much as I loved making these invites, it’s quite a relief that they’re done and one more thing is crossed off the list. Next up is starting on the venue decorations so there will be posts coming up soon with details of how I’m getting on with those.

Sublime Sunday Part Three – One Photo per Day Challenge

This Sunday mainly consisted of me spending time with my husband after being away for a week without him so this post is much shorter than my previous Sublime Sunday posts.

We decided that we would make a start on our Wedding Invites but it took us almost all day to do four! Clearly I’ve been quite ambitious with the design given that every single element of each invite is handmade, cut and stuck together. I’ll post some pictures etc. in a couple of weeks once the invites have been sent out – I don’t want to ruin any surprises for our guests who read the blog too!

In my post My 2015 Bucket List I said that I would be writing down one thing that made me smile each day and taking a photo of something interesting or something that I liked each day. As I’m not ready to share the wedding invites on here yet I’ve decided that I’ll share my one photo each day pictures that I’ve collected so far. I’ve decided to put them up on my Instagram account today and will be adding to them each day from now on (you can follow me here). I’ve picked a few of my favourites and posted them below to give you an idea of what’s on my Instagram account, hope you enjoy.

As for the rest of my Sublime Sunday, my plan is to cook dinner, watch a film in bed and try not to think about how much I’m dreading going back to work tomorrow!





Zermatt – Snow, Beer and a Wedding: Part Two

The morning after the wedding consisted mainly of sleeping and snuggling in bed with Summer. Just after lunchtime, I was sat on the balcony in the glorious sunshine and realised I needed to do something whilst I was in this amazing place. Whilst I wasn’t ready to hit the slopes, I decided to go to the Museum and learn a bit more about Zermatt. It was actually really interesting (I’m not usually one for museums) and I’d definitely recommend visiting if you’re in Zermatt (it’s free if you have a Swiss Pass).

Me and Sums in the snow

The evening events were already planned out by the Bride and Groom and around 7.30pm we headed out of Zermatt on the cable cars for Furi with sledges in tow. After getting lost for a few minutes, we soon found our restaurant and I had my first experience of cheese fondue which was delicious and just what I needed. Following dinner we tobogganed back down to the resort in the pitch black! I tried to video as much as possible on my GoPro but the lack of light made it quite difficult. Despite some of the toboggan run being pretty much up hill, it was really good fun.

The next day (Wednesday) was my first attempt at skiing which was so monumental that it might have it’s own post! The afternoon was dedicated to a family trip up to the Glacier and Ice Palace. The views were breathtaking from the top and the Ice Palace was pretty cool too!

Views from the glacier, Zermatt

Views from the glacier, Zermatt

Inside the glacier

Nick and Sums inside the glacier

Inside the glacier

Ice Sculptures inside the glacier

It was after skiing that reality hit that it was almost time to go home again. The cousins set off for a day of skiing in Italy on Thursday and after a couple of episodes of Peppa Pig (another first for me on this trip), I decided to go off exploring on my own. I set off with my hiking boots and camera for a few hours of walking in the snow. The weather was amazing again so I made the most of it and stopped off along the way for a beer or two on some deck chairs as I watched the skiers whizzing past jealously.

The Matterhorn, Zermatt

Hiking through the woods in Zermatt

Hiking in Zermatt

When I reached Furi I stopped for a Gluwein and decided that it was time to go back down again. Coming back down was much easier and I was soon back at the chalet watching more Peppa Pig.

Some Japanese food and warm Sake with the family marked the last night of the holiday (it was also a welcome break from all the cheese, meat and bread I’d eaten over the past few days). We managed to squeeze in a quick hot chocolate before jumping on the train on Friday morning and we said our goodbyes.

The holiday was amazing and I would definitely recommend Zermatt as a destination, whether you’re travelling alone or as part of a group.

Zermatt – Snow, Beer and a Wedding: Part One

The Matterhorn, Zermatt

This week has been a week of trying new things, of doing things that I would never have dreamed of doing. It’s been a week of saying “why the hell not” and it’s been amazing. I’ve spent time with my wonderful family and met lots of lovely new people.

I’ve walked, tobogganed, stuffed my face, “skied”, chatted and got drunk. I’ve done so much in this last week that I haven’t had a chance to blog but I’ve had my trusty notebook with me which means that pretty much all of this week’s blogs are going to be about my holiday (or at least vaguely related).

Beautiful, snowy Zermatt

Highlights of the week have included skiing lessons, night time tobogganing, fondue, Raclette, sledging with my gorgeous baby cousin (well, second cousin) and of course, the absolutely stunning wedding that drew me to Zermatt in the first place.

I won’t bore you with the details but I set off for my aunty’s house straight after work on Friday. With all of the excitement and drama of packing (which apparently, my family aren’t very good at as I ended up with half of their stuff in my bag) we didn’t sleep on Friday night and set off for the airport in the early hours of Saturday morning. A short flight, almost four hours of Swiss trains and some very expensive wine later and we were finally in Zermatt. Zermatt itself is stunning –  a small town nestled into a valley with the Matterhorn towering above at one end. On the first night, we went out for drinks and I got to catch up with family members I haven’t seen for months and, in some cases, years. It was also a perfect opportunity to meet the rest of the wedding party and get to know new faces. In true Fairhurst style, after we had had drinks, I went out for dinner twice (although, I only ate once!)

Day two consisted mainly of sledging with little Joshie, but I don’t think he was too impressed because he just fell asleep in a very uncomfortable looking slouched position. We had hot chocolate and explored the town with the little guy in tow fast asleep. After two lunches and a nap (there’s a pattern emerging here) it was time for an evening of pre-wedding drinks with the girls and a very odd game of “Who’s in the Bag” – for those of you who have never played this game, go out now, buy it and play it as soon as possible, although not with my mum because she’s terrible at it!

The wedding chapel, Zermatt

Monday was the big day and easily the best day of the trip. The weather and the scenery were absolutely stunning as were the Bride, the Groom and Lucky the dog. The ceremony was lovely, set in a little chapel on the picturesque mountainside and we all did an excellent job of singing with no music which set an angelic, if somewhat northern tone! After the ceremony, we were treated to a drinks reception and a photoshoot with the dog.

Me, my cousin and Lucky the dog, Zermatt

Those guests who were skiing then skied to the next destination whilst the rest of us returned to resort level to catch another train up a different part of the mountain. After a bit of a trek (my Kili training/trip came in handy here), we had a delicious lunch in one of the most beautiful restaurants I’ve ever been to. After lunch we sat outside on the decking in the sunshine drinking coffee and watching the skiers go by. I could actually have sat there all day but there were other plans in place.

Monday was also the first day that I went to a bar on my own. As people left the lunch venue in different groups, we all reached resort level at different times. My mind told me to go home, have a nap and get ready for the evening party but my eyes saw a sign for Gluwein on the way back to my hotel and I didn’t get much further than that. I was joined by a lovely old man who just grinned creepily at me for the next hour or so, so that was nice!

Gluwein, Zermatt

The evening consisted of drinks, games, more drinks, cake, drinks, some dodgy dancing from the happy couple and Jagerbombs! According to my Aunty, Jagerbombs are very tasty and should be sipped rather than downed so that you can fully appreciate the flavour – try that next time someone orders a round of shots at the bar. After the shots and someone managing to sit on the wedding cake, it was clearly time to call it a night. The wedding day was absolutely fantastic and I wish my cousin and cousin-in-law a lifetime of love and happiness together.

The next morning was a bit of a write off but the rest of the week was fantastic so keep an eye out for the next post about the second half of the week.

Sublime Sundays Part One – Save the Dates

Last week in “What do Sundays mean to you” I said I was going to do more craft based things on Sundays. This week I’ve cheated a little as I didn’t make these today but thought I’d share with you anyway.

As our wedding reception is actually going to be 12 months after the big day, we decided to send Save the Dates as soon as possible whilst the wedding was still fresh in peoples’ minds.

Gorgeous personalised Save the Date stamp

I made these Save the Dates myself (with a little help from Sean) using the following:

Stamps for our save the dates

  • Kraft Cards and Envelopes (Hobbycraft)
  • “With Love” stamp (Amazon)
  • Personalised Save the Date Stamp (Find it here at Etsy)
  • East of India Stickers (Amazon)
  • Black and pink ink (Amazon and Hobbycraft)
  • Paper, computer and printer

Whilst at my mum’s house one weekend, I came up with a poem for our Save the Date cards which I decided would be the message we put inside the cards. Making the Save the Date cards were easy then. We picked a font for the poem, typed it up, printed it out and stuck it inside the cards.

The poem I created for our save the dates

We used the custom made stamp from Etsy on the front of the cards (that was Sean’s job!) and I added a few finishing touches by putting a little sticker on the back of the cards and a “With Love” stamp on the envelopes where they are sealed. And that was it. it was that easy (and cheap) and I’m really pleased with the results.

Personalised envelopes for the save the dates

I’ve made a start on the invites but now that people have the Save the Date cards, there’s no pressure to get them out. I’m sticking with the same theme of the brown Kraft card and the East of India stickers. I think I’ll probably use the “With Love” stamp on the envelopes too as, although it’s quite time consuming, I think it’s a really nice touch.

Keep an eye out for more craft inspired blogging over the next few weeks in my “Sublime Sundays” entries.