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How I'm Going to #BlogBetterThis Year

Alongside my Goals for 2016, I thought I’d do a post about my Blogging Resolutions.

Loads of people blog and, if you ask any of those people, keeping up a blog is hard work. In fact, a lot of people blog full time. It’s their job.

I work full time, run my own craft business and blog. This means that quite often my blog falls by the wayside and, towards the end of last year, I hardly posted at all.

Enter #BlogBetter from Inside Laura’s Head. A fantastic idea aimed at bloggers to help them, well….blog better! I’ve read all the categories and methods listed in Laura’s initial post and these are the three categories that I’m going to focus on and the ways I’m going to do that. The bullet points in grey are copied directly from Laura’s list and I’ve added my thoughts in green. 

1. Promote My Blog

This is a big one for me and I’ve just started using Hootsuite to schedule Tweets and Facebook updates to help me.

  • Tweet the link to your 3 most recent posts three times a day for two days, twice a day for two days, then once a day in 3 months, 6 months, 12 months (I’d suggest scheduling these via Tweetdeck or similar) – Like Laura suggests, the best way to do this is to schedule your posts using Tweetdeck or similar. I really like Hootsuite because I can manage my social media accounts for my blog as well as my business. I’m going to keep a little notebook with me to write down any additional Tweets I think of during the week too so that I can add them to the schedule. 
  • Do the same as above with every post you write in future – This seems fairly straightforward as long as I remember to do it!
  • Comment on other blogs-suggest 10-20 new ones a week-leave a relevant comment and your blog link (that way the blogger can pop by to see you if they want to) – I love to plan things so I’ve got out my trusty weekly planner and set aside a number of hours throughout the week to just read other blogs and interact with other bloggers. I’ve also changed my email notification settings on things like Bloglovin so that it’s easier for me to find new posts and bloggers that I’ll like.

2. Improve My Instagram

I have to admit that I forget about Instagram pretty much all the time! It’s so easy to use, I really don’t know why I don’t use it more. I know I’m only meant to pick three things from the list of actions but I’ve chosen more because I some of them won’t take long:

  • Post more often, but regularly rather than 10 posts one day and then none for a week – It saddens me that I can’t really plan this out but I’m definitely guilty of going through “phases” with Instagram.
  • Use relevant hashtags – I’m hoping this means use as many hashtags as possible #hashtagoverload #hashtagfail #noideawhatimdoing
  • Make sure you’re happy with the photographs you’re putting on there-if you wouldn’t want to ‘like’ it on someone else’s feed, could you try retaking it? I’m fairly confident with this one but I guess it will become a bit more difficult the more frequently I post photos. I’m assuming people don’t want to see hundreds of photos of coffee in various filters?
  • Take a group of photos at once for your Instagram then you have plenty to post later – No idea why I’d never thought of this before. I take photos all the time on my phone but then delete them because I think they’re pointless. I need to make a conscious effort to keep photos. 
  • Link to your blog in your bio – Sounds obvious but I definitely haven’t done this! As soon as I finish this post, I’m logging into Instagram to add my blog to my bio (and possibly write a bio too, I have a feeling it’s currently blank).
  • Get out there and interact with others. Choose a number (a friend did an Instagram course and they suggested 20) and follow 20 new people a day, like 20 photos a day (ideally new ones from people not already on your feed, where possible-search via hashtag) comment on 20 photos a day. This should see your following improve – This seems quite time consuming. 20 new people a day is a lot! But then again, I have at least half an hour on the tube to and from work where I usually stare into space (or, more accurately, at someone’s back or armpit) so I could probably use that time better.

3. Bloglovin

I signed up to Bloglovin a while ago and have ignored it pretty much ever since but I logged on again this morning and started a new account from scratch. I’ve already made a start on some of these things with my new found love for Hootsuite.

  • Share your Bloglovin link on Twitter at least once a day – This one is simple, I just need to add it to my schedule
  • Mention your Bloglovin link on Facebook regularly – Same as above, I’ll add this to my Facebook post schedule (thank you Hootsuite!)
  • Follow new people on Bloglovin. Perhaps comment on their blog to say you’ve done so. They’ll possibly come back and have a look at your blog, love it (you’re awesome, why wouldn’t they?) and follow you back – I’m pretty sure I can cover this in the time I’ve set aside each week for reading new blogs. I’ve also changed my email notification settings to make it easier/to receive more recommendations. 
  • Consider a clear out of your feed every so often, if you’re following a blog you don’t like reading, unfollow (sorry!) – I’ve covered this already by deleting my old account and starting again, I just need to make sure I keep on top of it. 

There we have it, my blogging goals for this year. Don’t forget to check out the full post/challenge on Inside Laura’s Head and keep up with other people’s progress on Twitter using #BlogBetter.

I’m off to make a start on some of these things now, bye!

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