Bank Holiday Weekend in London

Bank Holiday Weekend in LondonOk, ok, I know I live in London so I’m here every weekend but this weekend I tried to make the most of having more than two days off and actually got out of the flat for a bit! So here’s what I got up to this Bank Holiday weekend in London.

Firstly, I kinda cheated on the whole Bank Holiday weekend thing as I also had Friday and Tuesday off and they were the days that I actually did stuff on – I mean, let’s be realistic here, going out in London on any usual weekend is bad enough but a Bank Holiday weekend…no thanks!

On Thursday I decided I’d take my chances and see if there were any last minute spa days around for Friday. After a little bit of searching, it quickly became clear that there’s no such thing as a reasonably priced spa in London. Well, that was until I came across the Bannatyne Spa on Millbank. I got a half hour back, shoulder and neck massage plus unlimited use of their spa facilities for £39 which I didn’t think was too bad. The spa facilities were fairly small and limited but were just what I needed – a pool, a steam room, a sauna and two jacuzzis. The massage itself was amazing and totally chilled me out. Our relaxing Friday was finished off by dinner with friends – day one of the long weekend done! (keep your eye out for my upcoming post on making time for your family and friends)

I tried to avoid the crowds over the actual weekend and made some good progress on my writing and my exciting new website which will be launching soon. We also took a trip out to Richmond Park on Sunday as the weather was so nice. We saw lots of deer but didn’t get any pictures so all I can share with you is this tree and lovely blue sky.

Bank Holiday Weekend in LondonMonday was the day I finally got my tattoo finished – and I absolutely LOVE it! I had my first sitting back in December and, after a total of roughly 8 hours, I’m so glad it’s complete (and just in time for summer!) I’m not going to lie, this final sitting was pretty painful but the tattoo artist, Harriet, was amazing and I’m completely over the moon with the finished design…now to plan my next one…

Bank Holiday weekend in LondonThinking that my tattoo appointment was actually on Tuesday, I’d booked today off work a while back so thought I’d make the most of it and decided to start ticking things of my “London To-Do List”. Today’s tourist attraction was the Natural History Museum which was so much more fun than I’d expected it to be. As far as I can remember I’ve never been before so it was all new to me. There’s so much to see and learn, it’s amazing that it’s free! The building that houses the museum is fantastic too, especially the main hall which is stunning.

Bank Holiday weekend in LondonThere was such a huge variety of things to look at it was almost overwhelming and some parts were quite text heavy with lots to take in. That said, I’d definitely recommend the Natural History Museum to anyone, including those with children as there’s lots of hands-on things to do and always something interesting to look at even if you’re not reading! Highlights for me included the human evolution, the earthquake simulator and the mammal room (with the huge blue whale in it). Obviously, my favourite part was the dinosaurs – which has inspired me to start a Jurassic Park movie marathon; I’m currently on the second one, but it’s still early!

Bank Holiday Weekend in LondonAlthough this weekend has been tiring, it’s definitely inspired me to get out and see more of London and to make the most of the free stuff to do. I’m not particularly looking forward to going back to work after a few days off but I’m excited about next weekend already.

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