About Brighteyed and Bewildered

Brighteyed and Bewildered

Hey there! I’m Dani and this is Brighteyed and Bewildered!

Brighteyed and Bewildered started in 2015 after years of scribbling notes and stories down in floral notebooks and on scraps of paper (which later got lost or thrown away!)

Since then, I’ve been writing about arts, crafts, travel and general life! More recently, I’ve been writing about my experiences of depression and anxiety. 

I basically write about whatever’s on my mind which usually results in strange ramblings accompanied by pretty pictures. 

 Blogging is what I do full-time.  Well…I’m also a VA for other bloggers too but I spent all day every day working on blogs!

Alongside blogging, I love collecting stationery, drinking coffee, making things and spending time with my two favourite creators – my fiance, Mark and my puppy Sherlock (that’s him there –>) 

Brighteyed and Bewildered - Sherlock

ou can check out my other sites here: 

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Dani Fairhurst (VA and SMM)

I also just launched an online store selling all things blogging related  like these cute mugs:

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