Bright-eyed and Bewildered (3)

Bright-eyed and Bewildered was started in 2015 after years of scribbling notes and stories down in floral notebooks and on scraps of paper which later got lost or thrown away.

Since then, I’ve been writing about arts, crafts, travel and my move to London, but more recently I’ve been writing about my experiences of depression and anxiety. I basically write about whatever’s on my mind which often results in strange ramblings accompanied by pretty pictures.

My posts tailed off a little towards the end of 2015 so this year I’m making an effort to write more. I’m aiming to post at least 4 times a week but hopefully most weeks will have a few extra posts so there’ll be lots of shiny new things for you to look at this year!

As well as blogging, I also run my own craft business, Polkadots and Pictures and have a linked Etsy Store. So you can expect exciting (that’s debatable) posts about new paper and washi tapes throughout the year!

I also have a full time job working for UK sports charity which I love and I live in London with my husband who you will see popping up in posts every now and then.

So, welcome to my little corner of the internet, I hope you enjoy it!

Dani xx

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