A Blogger’s Best Friend

A Blogger's Best Friend - The Weekly PlannerLast night’s #bdib chat got me thinking about planning blog posts and how I try to achieve a work/life balance. Whilst these two might seem like quite different topics, they’re very much linked for me; I plan pretty much everything in my life!

So, how do I plan my life?

Enter the Paperchase weekly planner, aka, a Blogger’s best friend…

Time to start planning

Isn’t it amazing? You can pick these up at most stationery shops but you probably already know, I’m a sucker for Paperchase.

The one I have cost around £7 and has 52 pages. Each page has 7 columns, one for each day of the week and a section at the bottom of each page for any extra notes.

I usually have a lot to do once I get home from work and the biggest temptation is to sit down, watch TV and do nothing else. So, to stop me from doing this, I schedule in the various things that I need to do, along with some optional extras!

Here’s a quick look at how I use the planner:

Planning, planning and more planning

My writing on it is tiny so it’s hard to read in the photo but I basically have three categories and colour code them or use specific placement.

  1. At the very top of each column I make a note of that day’s workout. It’s really easy to forget about exercise so writing it down makes it feel like any other task on your list. Don’t ignore this; exercise is a great way of ensuring you have the right work/life balance.
  2. In red, at the top of each day is a list of the relevant Twitter chats I want to join in with. In a world of scheduled posts, it’s easy to lose the personal touch which, for me, is what blogging is about; you want to get to know the writer, not just read the same 5 Tweets they post every Wednesday. There’s a lot of chats around and at different times so having them all in one place like these ensures you don’t miss any.
  3. Next on the list is other jobs. So, it’s things like making sure new posts are scheduled, checking in on Twitter and Facebook accounts to make sure you don’t miss anything or some sort of studying (I love to learn new things all the time and I’m usually working my way through some online course).

This planner maps out the work that I put into my blog and into the marketing/advertising/general social media for my business. Any actual making of scrapbooks, albums or cards for the business is separate. And if you want to meet me after work for a drink? Sorry, but if you’re not on the planner, it ain’t happenin!

I am, of course, joking. The great thing about this planner is that you can see the whole week so if you want to shuffle things around you can. anyway, everyone deserves some down time and it’s important not to be too harsh on yourself if you don’t tick everything off your list every single day.

In addition to the planner, I have a million and one notebooks to write down ideas for posts and Tweets etc. No blogger could survive without a few notebooks!

How do you manage your time? Any hints or tips for me?

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