Sublime Sundays Part Five – Wedding Invites

I’ve been waiting for weeks to do this post – I’ve been working on the wedding invites for months but I finally finished them all and get them posted out to guests this week. I didn’t want to post about them until guests had received them and had chance to marvel at how amazing they are! I have to say I’m quite proud of my work! You’ve probably noticed that I’d been using the term “I” rather than “we” – that’s because Sean’s role in this has been purely supervisory.

Wedding invites
The main invite doesn’t actually have strange blank spaces – I’ve blocked some of the details out for privacy reasons

I did a lot a research into various styles of invitations before choosing the ones I wanted to make. I loved the pocketfold invites and after some more research, realised that they are actually really easy to make. I ordered the main Kraft invites from Amazon which came in a “flat pack” style packaging which just required folding and sticking to make the actual pocket.

The next choice was the style of paper to use within the invites. This was an easy decision as I just used the same paper I had used in the Save the Dates. I love the simplicity of the brown Kraft Card and the cream/beige paper.

The second choice was the wording of the main invite which I just kept simple – Date, Location and details of our Website which has the full details of the reception on it such as time, parking, accommodation etc.

Next was the fun part – designing the inserts and adding the smaller details.

I love this ribbon!

As a lot of the information is on the website, I tried to limit the additional information in the invite itself. I decided on “Gifts”, “Dress Code”, “RSVP”, “Accommodation” and “Extras” (which included information about alcohol, children etc.) I tied all of the inserts together with this beautiful “To Have and to Hold” ribbon by East of India.

I decided to have a bit of fun with the RSVPs and took inspiration from Mad Libs– I’m hoping to get some entertaining responses that we can somehow display at the reception *fingers crossed*


The outside of the invites were quite plain do I added a stamp just on the inside (also by East of India) and some Mr and Mrs tape on the outside.

Wedding invites

As much as I loved making these invites, it’s quite a relief that they’re done and one more thing is crossed off the list. Next up is starting on the venue decorations so there will be posts coming up soon with details of how I’m getting on with those.

My First Pink Parcel – Review

When I started blogging, I didn’t want to be a health/beauty/make-up blogger as there’s so many out there and I’m not really that obsessed with make-up and beauty products. But, I’ve recently signed up to Pink Parcel and I was so impressed that I thought I’d do a short review post about it.

I first read about Pink Parcel via an advert on Facebook and, to be honest, I thought the idea was ridiculous – yea, ok I’ll pay you £10 to make “that time of month” a bit better for me when I could just pop to the shop myself and buy a bar of Galaxy for £1. Ha! No thanks!

A couple of weeks later, I saw another advert on Twitter and thought, rather than just dismiss the idea, I’d have a look at the website. The more I read, the more I came round to the idea. The first box you ordered was on offer for £5.95. I probably spend almost that much on essentials each month so thought, if nothing else, I’ll get the products I usually buy on a monthly basis and anything else in the box is a bonus.

I must admit that, by the time the box arrived at my flat I was a little excited. This is what I got in this month’s box (there was also a bar of Divine caramel chocolate but I ate that before I took the photos!!)



There are loads of options when it comes to the essentials that you want to receive in your box. I went for Tampax Compact Regular and got 20 in the boxes and 5 in the cute little pouch to go into my handbag.


OPI Nail Lacquer

I’m not a fan of the colour of this nail varnish personally but the product itself is really good (if that makes sense!) The nail varnish went on really easily and had excellent coverage – one coat would definitely be enough but I went for two just to see the difference. It dried quickly and evenly. I’m usually rubbish at putting nail varnish on and end up smudging it because it takes so long to dry but that wasn’t a problem at all with this one. Although I’ve only had it on for a day, there’s no signs of it chipping yet.


 BubbleT Hibiscus & Acai Berry Tea Restoring Fizzing Bath Bombs

I’m definitely going to be trying out some more of these products soon!

This is my favourite thing from this month’s box and I cannot recommend these cute little bath bombs enough! They smell delicious to the point that I’m a little disappointed that theses aren’t edible! The tube recommends using one or two in a bath. I used two – they didn’t change the colour of the water which I love because getting into brightly coloured bath water always makes me feel a little concerned that I might get out of the bath a completely different colour. The lovely fruity smell remained for the whole time I was in the bath and it made my skin feel really soft without being greasy which is a problem I have found with some bath products in the past.


Papaya Gold Paw Paw Moisturising Balm

I’ve always struggled with dry skin, especially on my hands and, in just a couple of days, this has really helped. It smells good and has definitely helped out with the dry, cracked skin on my hands. Because it’s a balm, you only need a tiny bit so I imagine that this little tube is going to last me a while. The downside to this product is that it feels quite oily and stays on the surface of your skin for a while as it soaks in. I’ve been using it before bed which is fine because I can leave it on my skin until it’s all soaked in but I imagine that if you wanted to use it during the day, it would probably be a little irritating. That said, it’s an excellent moisturiser and something I will keep using.


TeaPigs Chocolate Flake Tea

I used to work in a Cafe that served TeaPigs tea and I loved it (I’m sure I drank more than I sold!!) The packaging is cute and quirky and the teas are delicious however, I didn’t like this Chocolate Flake one – that’s just a case of personal taste rather than anything to do with the product though.


Other Products in the Box

There was also a week’s sample of Perfectil but I haven’t used this yet and I’m not sure I will as I’ve never really used beauty supplements before. I also got this cute pack of Bandzee hair ties which I also haven’t got around to opening yet.

As an added bonus there was a £25 discount card for my first order at Gousto which I’d heard about but ruled out as far too expensive to sign up to. I might give it a try now that I have a discount on my first order.



Although the next boxes will be full price at £9.99 I’ll definitely be keeping my subscription – I’m actually looking forward to next month’s box already!

We’re on the move!

902cfe059f70603839854a8a3c63afbc (1)

Our frantic weekend of dashing around London looking at flats has paid off and we now have somewhere to live. We have two weeks to sort ourselves out, pack up our belongings and move to London. I’m super excited but also quite worried about getting everything together and arranging transport to actually get our stuff from Manchester to London.

We’re downsizing in the move so we’re having to decide what’s really important and will be moving with us and what is going to be boxed up and stored at my mum’s house (thanks Fran!) but this weekend I had a bit of a clear out and threw out/donated four bags of rubbish and stuff I no longer need – it felt great! I love a good spring clean and moving house is the perfect opportunity for a great clear out. There’s something about throwing out old stuff that really clears your mind and gives you a great sense of achievement.

Packing our belongings up into boxes makes the move feel so real! I’m going to miss Manchester but the excitement of the new beginning is really starting to build. I’m excited about the opportunities ahead of me, of more charity work and of launching my new business. It’s really quite sad but I’m also looking forward to having an excuse to buy new bedding and setting up a new “office” space (which means lots of fancy new stationary!!!!)

The next couple of weeks are set to be pretty manic with packing etc. but Sean and myself have also decided that there’s lots of things to do in Manchester that we’ve still never done and few things that we’d like to do again before we leave so we’re going to try and cram those things in over the next few weeks too (and you can expect some blogs about those things).

We started off by going to Solita for dinner last night because you simply CANNOT beat their burgers and sweet potato fries. I had the bacon double cheese burger which is topped with candied bacon and is absolutely amazing!

We haven’t decided what’s next of the list of things to do/places to eat but I’m headed for the Coors Ice Bar tomorrow night after work and I really want to go on the Manchester Wheel this weekend.

If any of you guys live in Manchester and have any recommendations of things we should do before we move to London, please let me know.

Mothers Day

In the UK, it’s Mothers Day today. It’s also my Grandma Sparkle’s birthday which makes today a strange mixture of emotions.


I wasn’t going to do a Mothers Day post but I was just scrolling through my Facebook news feed which is full of wonderful pictures of people with their mums and messages of love and thanks. It made me smile. It made me realise that despite the horrible things that go on in this world, there’s still a whole lot of love and joy. The kind of love and joy and that only a mother figure can provide.


I say mother figure because it doesn’t actually have to be the woman who gave birth to you. Although I’m lucky enough to have the best mum (I know I’m probably biased), I also have a number of other female role models in my life who have provided me, my sister and my mum with motherly love and guidance.

My Grandma was an amazing woman, she was strong in many ways. She was funny and clever and most of all, she sparkled. I’m grateful to my Grandma for everything she did for us as children but also for bringing up my mum to be the person she is today. I don’t thank my mum enough for what she has done for us. She’s cared for us and guided us through life, she’s been brave and strong at the hardest times just for us, she’s been a mum and a dad (well actually two dads) for us.

So, even if you’re not in the UK, and it’s not Mothers Day where you are, call your mum, your Grandma, your Aunty, or whoever, and tell them that they are amazing. Thank them for everything they have done for you.

Blogging Failure

It’s been just over two weeks since I last posted – I have officially failed at blogging! I’ve written down lots of ideas in my blogging notebook but I just haven’t been able to find the time to write.

I’ve been away with work a lot over the last couple of weeks which has meant long hours and lots of travelling. I thought the train journeys would provide me with plenty of time to write but in all honesty, I’ve felt completely drained and every time I got my laptop out to blog, my mind was just blank (I know someone, somewhere will make a joke about that, most probably my husband). It’s impossible for me to write, even if I have the ideas in front of me, if I’m not in the right frame of mind.

In between work and travelling, I’ve been studying and working hard on my business plans and I’m getting more and more excited as things start to take shape. I’m hoping to have some ideas down “on paper”, along with some mock ups of the products and would really appreciate a few people to have a look over them and give me some totally honest feedback. If you think you can help me, please let me know! As my ideas have been coming together and forming more of an actual plan, I thought it was time to treat myself to new stationary and I’ve gone completely mad for this collection from Wilkos:


I actually bought everything the store had in this range (I cannot for the life of me remember what it’s called).

Me and my husband spent the weekend in London looking at flats. It was a completely manic weekend of rushing around London looking at flats that looked absolutely nothing like their adverts. There was a lot of disappointment and frustration but I think we have found a couple of places we like and *fingers crossed* we should have some sort of plan in place by the end of the week. Despite the running around and constant motion sickness from hopping on and off the underground, it was nice to spend some quality time with Sean after having spent most the week in a Premier Inn in Watford. We also got to catch up with a friend we lived with at Uni and met up with my family for brunch on Sunday morning.


Another highlight of our weekend in London was going to see Sherlock Holmes’ house on Baker Street – my inner geek was super excited about this! We didn’t have time to queue up and actually go inside but it’s now on my list of things to do once we move to London.

The job hunt has taken an unexpected and exciting turn but there will be more about that over the next couple of weeks!

I’m really hoping to keep on top of the blog posts now that my work timetable has calmed down a bit and any travelling I have to do over the next few weeks is fairly close to home. I’m sorry this was a bit of a whirlwind round up of what I’ve been doing since I last posted, I promise my posts will be back to normal from now on!